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We Provide Quality Products

Our Diverse selection of products enables us to serve industrial, food service, and retail companies in search of the most select ingredients.
Our wide range of products include:
  • Ready to eat meal kits in retort pouch for retail and food service
  • Ready to eat frozen meal kits
  • Dehydrated: vegetables & fruit
  • Retort Pouch: vegetables, fruit, & seafood
  • Frozen: vegetables & fruit
  • Fruit puree & concentrates in retort pouch
  • Rice & noodles
  • Snacks & drinks

Excellent Quality Control & Management

For years, overseas suppliers have entrusted Asia etc. to act as their marketing and sales channel. As manufacturer representatives, we create and implement innovative marketing plans with the high standard of integrity that is expected of us. Our team makes frequent overseas trips where we visit our suppliers and carefully inspect their plants to ensure that US Food & Drug, USDA, HACCP/ISO, and GMP programs are implemented.


We Deliver Customer Satisfaction

Our primary goal is to build strong customer relationships between quality suppliers and customers by delivering the highest standard of customer service possible.